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The Earliest Arrival Date: 28/08/2018 IF ORDER TODAY !

Exchanges & Returns

1. What’s your Exchange&Return policy?
All our dresses have any problem with the quality or production, we can accept the return and exchange.

2. If I do not like the dress I received,Can I return it to get a refund?
No matter you don’t like the dress color or the style,we can return it for you with the refund or remake a new one for you.

3. Everything’s great but the sizing is wrong?
All our dresses comes with extra inseam to allow minor alterations. If the sizing doesn’t quite fit you, we can reimburse you the cost for a local tailor alteration.Or we can return it for you with the refund or remake a new one.

4. Order is the wrong color/size/style? If it’s our fault we’ll fix it.
Wanted blue and we gave you pink? If it’s our mistake we’ll remake your dress and this time, we’ll pay the material fee. Sent us a picture of what you received and we will make sure of the situation. Or we can return it for you with the refund or remake a new one.

5. Need additional beading or extra fabric for fixing? No problem.
If your order hasn’t been shipped out yet, please contact customer service and ask for whatever you need and it will be shipped to you along with your dress. If your dress has been shipped out already then a simple postage fee payment is required for whatever else you need. The additional material you required is free.

6. Can I cancel the order and get full refund?
Please contact us instantly when you don’t want it. We’ll offer you full refund but there is limitation that you are allowed to cancel the order within 4 hours. After 4 hours, we will complete the preparation for all materials, which is the main reason that we will deduct 70% dress price as raw material fee.